LDT for B2 and above


This is a 22.5-hour-long course to be taken synchronously.

This course is heavily based on my beliefs as a teacher of English as a second or foreign language. Non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) make up approximately 90% of language teachers in the world (Maharjan, 2017). We are the majority, and we must always be better.

I take Medgye's (1999) words as my own when he said that "the concept of the proficient speaker is an abstraction". Nativeness and certificates do not make an English teacher - practice, dedication and language awareness do.

This Language Development Course will follow varied topics and is my extended essay for the DELTA Module 3 (which was approved). You will develop your language in a mix of videos and texts that aim to provide relevant practice for all four skills.

Here you will get:

Language Development for Teachers

- Mondays 8am to 9:30m (GMT-3) -


February - 19/ 26

March - 04/ 11/ 18/ 25

April - 01/ 08/ 15/ 22/ 29

May - 06/ 13/ 20/ 27



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