The Methodologies Behind the Madness


What is the course about?

Why do we teach the way we teach? Is it an approach or a methodology? Is translation and L1 in the classroom always a bad thing?

Over the course of January, we intend to show teachers the benefits and drawbacks of using different methodologies in their practice. We will present, teach, discuss, and ask teachers to develop hands-on tasks based on eight different methodologies.

This is a 27-hour course divided into nine three-hour sessions that will be taught as:

  • Learning Theories & Terminology

  • The Audiolingual Method

  • Total Physical Response

  • The Lexical Approach

  • Grammar-Translation

  • Dogme/ Teaching Unplugged

  • Task-based Language Teaching

  • Community Language Learning

  • The Silent Way

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The full schedule is as following:

  • Session 1: Learning Theories & Terminology

  • Session 2: The Audiolingual Method (Natural Method)

  • Session 3: Total Physical Response (Natural Method)

  • Session 4: The Lexical Approach (Linguistic Method)

  • Session 5: Grammar-Translation (Linguistic Method)

  • Session 6: Dogme/ Teaching Unplugged (Communicative Method)

  • Session 7: Task-based Language Teaching (Communicative Method)

  • Session 8: Community Language Learning (Visionary Method)

  • Session 9: The Silent Way (Visionary Method)

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Who are the tutors

Gustavo Fróes has been a teacher for over 15 years. He is also a teacher trainer and a speaker in National and International conferences. He has vast experience in teaching Medical English, General English, seniors, and exam preparation. He holds a BA in Film, the CELTA, the CPE, and the Train the Trainer (all from Cambridge), and the TOEIC. He holds several international teaching extension courses, he has published articles, and is an active member of Braz-TESOL.

He is currently the Second Vice-President of Braz-TESOL's São Paulo Chapter. He is taking a BA in English, and the Cambridge DELTA. His strongest beliefs inside the classroom are: building effective rapport, working with emergent language, and affect in learning.

Kelly Pennington has been a teacher for over a decade after moving to Brazil. She is also a teacher trainer and a conference speaker. She has experience in teaching Business English, General English, English for Specific Purposes, and exam preparation. She holds a BA in Business Administration, the CELTA from Cambridge University, Advanced Methodology from International House and other international teaching certifications. Her professional background prior to teaching was in the US military and corporate America.

Kelly is currently an active member of BRAZ-TESOL and participates in the BESIG and ESPSIG. She is continuously enrolled in CPD courses and is presently finishing the Cambridge Delta. Nowadays, her main focus is to administer high-quality courses while building strong relationships with clients and remaining adaptable inside the learning environment.


We give you different options to best fit your interest. The first session on Learning Theories and Terminology is mandatory. Every Method (Natural, Linguistic, Communicative, Visionary) consists of 2 sessions totaling 6 hours.

We're offering two options for you to study with us:

Package 1:

  • All sessions totaling 27 hours. In this package you are getting the 1st session on Learning Theories for free.

Price: R$1200 (27 hours)

Package 2:

  • Take the sessions you have more interest in, with a minimum of 3 sessions (9 hours - Learning Theories + 1 Method). You may buy additional Methods (6 hours)!

Price: R$450 (9 hours)

R$300 (each additional 6 hours)

Special Observation Pack:

As an extra service, at the end of the package you chose you prepare and teach the tutors a full lesson using the methodology of your preference. You will:

  • Submit a full Lesson Plan

  • Submit the teaching materials

  • Teach a 60' lesson to the tutors

The tutors will provide you with a full written feedback on your teaching and your materials.

Price: R$200

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Payment & Note

You can pay by:

  • Credit Card (taxes will apply)

  • Payment Slip (boleto)

  • Pix

For the full course, you may pay in up to 4 (four) instalments (credit card taxes may apply).

The course methodologies require a minimum of 4 (four) participants.

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